How long is a Salt Session?
A salt session is for 45 minutes

What should I wear?
Loose comfortable clothing to relax in is suggested.

How many sessions will I need?
This can vary based on your condition and your symptoms. Some conditions require regular salt sessions for a period of time. 
We can discuss the best option for you in a consultation as we have pricing options that allow for unlimited sessions in a week.

Are there any side effects?
There are no harmful side effects and it is completely safe for all ages. It is a 100% natural, drug free therapy.
A slight cough, runny nose or a tickle in the throat may be experienced due to toxins, mucus and congestion being released.

Is it safe for children?
Salt therapy is safe from birth through to the elderly. It is very effective for babies to help to remove congestion after birth. 
Children generally seem to respond quicker than adults to salt therapy sessions.

What about the concern that salt is bad for you?
We use 99.9% Pure Grade Sodium Salt that is ground into fine particles and dispersed into the salt rooms.
It is not processed or contain any additives or caking agents like table salt. It is absorbed in the respiratory system and does not present any risk to your health.
It will not raise your blood pressure and not does use your natural body fluid to process it so therefore will not dehydrate you.

How many rooms do you have?
We have 3 rooms that include a childrens room, an adults room and a private room. During the consultation we will determine which room is appropriate for you.

Is it safe to be in a room with others with salt therapy?
It is very safe to be in a room with others as pathogens do not survive any longer than 3-5 seconds in our room.
Everyone is screened through a consultation process to ensure that no one is contagious.
The room goes through an extraction process after each session for 15 minutes and the rooms are thoroughly cleaned.

What COVID measures do you enforce in your centre to ensure safety for everyone?
It is a requirement that everyone has a consultation prior to any salt session to make sure that no one is infectious.
A private room is assigned if anyone has recently had an infection.
Hospital grade disinfectant is used in all rooms to clean and the air is extracted for 15 minutes after each session.
Childrens toys are removed and cleaned and a new set put in after each session.
Everyone is required to wash and sanitise hands prior to entering salt rooms.
Hairnets and booties are worn to minimise bacteria.
We monitor social distancing.