Our adults room provides the perfact space for relaxation. With the lights dimmed and relaxation music playing, you are able to relax in a massage chair for 45 minutes.

Why Salt Therapy?

Australian Made

Stocking Australian wellness products that ethically align with our values from various suppliers. Our products are natural, cruelty free and many are vegan.

We stock aromatherapy products, crystal products, bath and body ranges, salt lamps, wellness teas and more. We don't just sell products - We have to believe in them!


Since going to salt therapy I don't have to take my ventolin every quarter of football. I can take it at the start of the day and get through the whole game with ease. I have so much more energy!


I use the Sleep mist and the Deep Sleep drops every night and have noticed a huge difference to my quality of sleep!


My daughter's skin has improved so much with salt therapy. She sleeps through the night now as she isn't scratching and I can get a good nights sleep also!


I seem to find myself in this beautiful shop all the time buying gifts for someone. I can always find something for everyone...and myself too!


I was sceptical when starting salt sessions though I can't speak highly enough about it! I can breathe so much better and I can now cough up some mucus that has been there for so long. I would recommend it to everyone!


I no longer get sinus infections and my hayfever is so much better since going to salt therapy! I'm not clearing my throat all the time and my eyes don't run either. Am very happy with the results!


I wish I had found salt therapy years ago! It has helped with my fibromyalgia and I can now sleep alot better and cope better during the day.


My allergies have really improved! I noticed after the first session I could breathe better and my nose was unblocked. I don't sneeze as much and don't have to take daily antihistamines anymore. I can just go to the salt rooms and relax.